Sunday, July 3, 2016

Final Post

Last day: we had pancakes (more similar to crepes) with jam, grapes, cherries, and peaches inside and yogurt on top for breakfast. I packed up my last things and we headed out. I admired the green countryside for the last time on our drive to the airport. When we arrived, we got our boarding passes and got in line to pass to the other side into the terminal. I said my goodbyes to Wendy (who I will definately miss!! but will see in 6 days) and her mom ("my second mom"). Thank you so much again for everything :) and then we were off. We went to the gate and waited. We nearly missed our flight. If not for the intercom calling out last boarding for JFK we would have missed it. But then we were on the plane and watched movies and got complimentary foods. Now we are at the JFK airport and ready to be home in just several hours. 

Anyway, now I must answer the last question. If I was to tell someone one thing about Prague, I would tell them that Prague is the perfect combination of history and natural beauty. Although Czech Republic is a small country, these things come together to make a culture rich enough for 10 countries. 

And what should people reconsider about Prague? Well, people know about Prague for the sightseeing and tourism, but Czech Republic is not just that. I think when someone travels to Prague to tour, they don't really get to see the Czech lifestyle. But there is more to Prague than just beautiful buildings- namely, the people and the culture behind these people. Wendy and her family have been so welcoming and kind and I am so happy to have seen Prague through them.

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  1. Katherine, thank you for your visit. You are a perfect young girl and we are proud to known you.
    My "second daughter", you miss me - I hope, that we meet sometimes in future again.