Saturday, July 2, 2016


For breakfast we had yummy cherry cake made by Wendy's mom using the cherries from their garden. Today we went to Terezin, originally a military fortress, then jail, then concentration camp during World War 2. We toured a museum showing the history of the place. We brought Wendy's great-grandma along who worked there after the war and was familiar with the history. We then went into the area of the town called the Small Fortress. This was where many prisoners were kept. It was of course very sad. Then we drove back and had the leftover Christmas dinner along with some cheesecake which Wendy's great-grandma had made. Wendy and I then went to meet Wendy's father's family at their garden. Although all of them but 2 didn't speak English, they were all so nice. They gave us cake (I had this chocolate mousse cake and it was sooo good and some typical Czech bread items that are reminiscent of open-faced tea sandwiches). Wendy's little cousin was there and she was probably 3 and was such a cute little girl. Wendy's five year old sister was there too and she was also adorable. We ate cherries off their cherry tree and talked to Wendy's 18 year old cousin who was so kind. They were all so sweet and welcoming. Then we returned home and I packed up my stuff and now I am posting my second to last post. I still have to answer the last Sister Cities question. I would like to say thank you to all four of my viewers.

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