Thursday, June 16, 2016


2 AM. I woke up and shoved a few last things in my bag. Then onto the airport. I was on time (surprisingly) and Erica and I got our boarding passes. We mistook a few random people as Vidal and then when he did arrive, we finally went to security to say goodbye. A few waves and hugs and we're off. Then onto the plane to JFK.

Then we're at the airport. We walked through the terminal and found basically a shopping center with way too many chocolate and perfume stores. And multiples of every store. In the same terminal.
    - 7 Duty Free's
    - 2 Dunkin' Donuts
    - 6 Hudson's
    - 2 Camden market's
    - 2 Shake Shack's
    - a ton of other stuff

Erica and I decided we wanted a muffin and went on a search to find a muffin for less than $3. Very unsuccessful. The least was small and $3.29. Then after changing gates twice, we got on the plane to Prague.

We arrive, grab our bags, and meet our counterparts. As we drive to Louny I see how beautiful it is. 
Green fields and everything. We stopped at a church, built partially in the 1400s, but never finished. It was really amazing and it's so funny how there are apartments surrounding it

Wendy's apartment is very pretty and they have gone out of their way for me. Wendy gave up her room for me! They fed me a great Czech lunch of meat with doughy type bread and some sort of homemade sauce. We walked through part of Louny and stopped at a bakery with the most delicious looking stuff. I ended up with just peach iced tea. It was hard to be hungry after that lunch. There is a river next to their apartment and gorgeous parks that are so green it's really unbelievable.

My impressions are that it is a beautiful place with rich history and so much to do!

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