Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday :o

Yesterday Wendy, her mom and I drove down to a glass making company. We got to see all these historical glass art pieces and learn about glass making techniques like the traditional Czech crystal.


 We also got to make our own glass creations!


It was very cool but scary because of how hot the glass was and how quickly you must manipulate the glass before it becomes too cold and firm.

Then we went to lunch and had very typical Czech food. Wendy and I split a chicken schnitzel dish and a pork dish with knedliky (thick dumplingesque bread slices) and a heavy sauce that really can't be described. It was just very tasty. Then, since we were in a really dense and green forest part of the country, we went mushroom picking. Wendy's mom actually makes soup out of the mushrooms if they are good, but I really just wanted an excuse to walk around in the forest.


Then we drove home and Wendy and I painted and watched movies. We had another typical Czech meal for dinner: dumplings with strawberry sauce.

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