Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dresden, Germany

In the last week, the number of countries I've been to has officially doubled, not including the US. First stop in Dresden was Primark, Wendy's favorite store. She described it like a giant discount store such as Ross. I followed Wendy around as she picked up clothes and added them to her bag. I ended up getting a shirt and a pair of jeans, and they were really cheap: 11 euros and 8 euros. Next we left the store and bought bratwursts from a street vendor. It was the singular most delicious sausage-type food I've ever had; crispy on the outside and sweet and salty.  I guess you can't beat Germans at their own food.

Next we went to Dresden's Frauenkirche, a beautiful church with an impressive sandstone dome. And of course we had to go to the top.


Then we had ice cream. Apparently Dresden is a very popular place to get married, or maybe just because it was Saturday, but we saw multiple weddings on our way there. We had vouchers for triple scoop sundaes and even though I wasn't hungry I ate it all. We ordered off a menu that was unfortunately only in German so I wasn't sure what I ordered until afterward, but it was very good. Two scoops of chocolate, one scoop of vanilla, cherries on the bottom, whipped cream and brownie pieces on top.

We headed over to another historical square where the "largest porcelain artwork in the world" was exhibited on the side of a building.

Also saw two incredible churches whose stones were blackened from bombings during World War II. And more weddings with approximately 30 Asian tourists trying to get photographs with the bride.


Next we walked to the Royal Palace which was a giant building with a huge courtyard inside. It was mentioned that it's a good thing no one lives there anymore because what if your kitchen was on one side and bedroom was on the other? You'd have to walk all the way around. There were amazing green and gold rooftops and of course, statues and fountains everywhere.


Then it started raining so we decided to leave. Wendy thought she forgot to buy something from Primark so her mom gave her 5 more minutes to get what she wanted. Then we headed home to Louny, with a stop at the supermarket. Food is still so much cheaper here than Phoenix! We had salmon for dinner and it was delicious.

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