Monday, June 20, 2016

Vienna yay

Okay soooooo again, up at 6:30 am and we caught a bus to Vienna from Brno!

Another few hours of watching movies on the bus and then we're in Austria! First stop: Rathaus.
 Next, a very pretty cathedral.

Then we went to the Parliament building.

Then we admired some museums from the outside and here is a cute elephant outside the natural history museum.

Then we went to the Hofburg Palace which is where the president lives and is in the very center of Vienna. There were so many people.

Then we had ice cream which was probably the most delicious ice cream I've ever had. I got coffee and cookies flavored. 

On to St. Stephan's Cathedral. It was so beautiful and big and we of course went to the top.

A video from the tower at Stephansdom, which I pronounced wrong (aka St. Stephan's Cathedral).

We saw a ferris wheel from the top which Wendy calls an "aye" or "eye" because of the circle shape. So naturally we decided to go there. 

We went to the opera house and St. Charles's Church.

Then onto Stadtpark.

Next we walked all the way to the other side of Vienna to go to the ferris wheel we saw before. It was so worth it. When we got there we saw it wasn't just a ferris wheel, it was a whole gigantic amusement park. So in Europe apparently you don't have to pay to get in to most amusement parks, you just pay per ride. We were out of Euros and the exchange rate is not good to get Euros from a Czech account so we didn't want to get more money and insteas we just got a bit, ate these tasty sandwiches and some cotton candy, and spent a long time walking around the park trying to find the perfect ride. We found it.

We then took the metro to the bus stop and rode back to Prague to stay with Wendy's uncle. Vienna was really amazing!

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