Monday, June 20, 2016


So today we just got back from our crazy 3 day adventure. Saturday morning at 6:00 am we caught a bus to Prague, then another to Brno! So, buses in Czech Republic have super comfy seats, and free TV and movies in the seats in front of you. And the views were pretty great also.

We got to Brno at about 10 am and started reading our map (yes, even I can read maps). The map made everything look so big but Brno really only takes about 30-45 minutes to get all the way across. The problem is, all the buildings are so beautiful that you have to stop all the time and stare or take pictures or both. Following our 1 day guide to Brno, first we went to Malinovsky Square, which has the Mahen theater.

Next we went to Freedom Square with this nice statue. There was this traditional Czech group playing on a stage conveniently directly in front of the monument.

Oh and in Freedom Square they have this thing. It may be the ugliest thing in the city so I had no idea why it was there but it's actually a clock...

Here is St. James church, the inside, and a picture from the top. And from the top of the stairs. And behind it is a tasty juice shop where we got orange-grape juice.


Then we went to Moravian Square with St. Thomas' Church.
And a horse statue that looked old but wasn't in the picture of the building behind it from the touring packet that was less than 2 years old. So the only logical explanation is aliens.

Then we went to Petrov which was a super amazing cathedral and of course we had to go to the top.

Here it is from the bottom with a weird function that is partially front camera on my phone that I didn't know how to turn off.

Next we went to Capuchin crypt which was a crypt for some religious people from the 1600s. But dead people are creepy so we didn't take any pictures.

Then we went shopping because who doesn't like shopping and then we went to a hostel where we'd stay and then we went to see fireworks because it was a holiday celebrating a Czech king.

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