Thursday, June 30, 2016

Botanic Gardens and Boat Tour

Yesterday we went to the botanic gardens. They were surprisingly small so that was a quick trip. We went with all 4 other ambassadors.

Then we went to a church and we visited it's graveyard as well, which had a ton of famous people like writers and war generals. Wendy knew who a lot of them were and told me.

And of course, coming down the steps there was another great view. 

Then we went to the mall to eat and I was again surprised by how popular McDonald's is. Vidal tried out a virtual reality machine too.

Then Wendy and I went down to then river and hopped on a boat tour that went straight under the Charles Bridge.

Next we went out to dinner with Wendy's mom and got some pizza. Then we went on to a frozen yogurt shop where I of course got salted caramel. On our way we stopped at a church to look at more architecture.

On our way home I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets.

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