Monday, June 20, 2016


Today we went to Petrin hill and lookout tower in Prague. We went to Brno, Vienna, and back to Prague and never got lost until we took the wrong tram to get to Petrin. But finally Wendy, Vidal, Jarda, Erica, Suchitra, the program director Milena and I all arrived and went to the top of the hill by tram. We climbed the steps to the lookout tower.

Okay now I actually have to say something about what they told us to write about. My impression of Prague is that is a really beautiful place to live and visit and I am so happy to be here! The stereotypes I've encountered are about tourists and how obnoxious tourists are sometimes. Although I haven't heard much in terms of American stereotypes, I think that my host family thought I would eat way more than I actually do. Another stereotype is that everyone in the Czech Republic drinks and smokes which of course isn't true because there are exceptions to everything, but I think for the most part, so far it seems like these are just staples of Czech culture and the stereotype is enforced by Czechs because they don't seem to mind if they are known for these things. Although I am not going to school, I know from talking with Wendy that here, they do not have a lunch hour, they eat after school. And I also know that not many people go to college, they instead go to trade school for high school and stop after. But more on this tomorrow because we're visiting the school.


So today we went to school. They have trade schools here where they study a certain subject and plan to work at this when they graduate. Wendy goes to travel school which also has a hotel school and so they learn about tourism. The hotel school cooks for the rest of the school and learns how to run a hotel. They don't take midterms and finals, they just have tests year-round. Today there was not much discipline but maybe because it's the end of the year, people were talking the whole time. The kids are a lot older too, there were some 19 and 20 year olds with 16 year olds. The schools are also big, but with a lot less students. 

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