Monday, June 27, 2016

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I have to name a food dish I absolutely loved and would like to experience at home. I don't know. It's all been so good... the dumplings I had last night with the strawberry cream sauce was very good. I liked the sweet cool strawberries with the warm, soft dumplings. And the pancakes were good too. They were so different from how I usually eat them. They were sort of like thick crepes. They were eaten with blackberry spread and strawberries, then rolled up like a taco and spread on top was yogurt. I liked that there are so many different ways to experience the same thing.

Have I tried anything "out of the ordinary"? Yes. Almost everything I've eaten is in that category for me. Czech food is nothing like what I usually eat. It is much heavier (as everyone says). The strawberries and dumplings were definitely out of the ordinary, and so was every other Czech meal I've had. They are all oriented around sauce. A lot of sauce; not just condiments like ketchup, but sauce on top of everything, like how people eat gravy. 

And what is my perception of food abroad? I haven't tried anything yet that I don't like. I eat what Wendy eats because there's not much I don't like. And being open to trying it all like I've been has really made me curious about different flavors and cuisines. 

Lastly, what does Wendy think of American food? I think she likes Czech food better.

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