Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Around Prague

Wendy and I explored Prague today! First we went to Old Town Prague and saw the astronomical clock and the old churches.

A video of the astronomical clock on the hour.

And an old synagogue.      

A theater.   

Then we bought the fabled trdelnik ("chimney cakes:" dough wrapped around a thick rod and cooked with sugar and cinnamon) topped with ice cream or whipped cream.

We ate it by the river and saw a bunch of swans.

Then we crossed the Charles Bridge.

We attempted to find the Lennon Wall (a wall covered in graffiti dedicated to John Lennon) but instead ate lunch. 

Then we went to Wendy's dad's work. He works in media at what Wendy described as "the Czech version of MTV." We got to go into the studio and pose with some guys from TV. They were  about to premiere a music video with various young Czech artists and these people were also there.

Then we went to the mall and bought Bubbleology (boba tea) and popcorn and got on a bus to Louny. A storm came out of nowhere and so we got this awesome double rainbow and both stretched so far I couldn't get them in 1 picture.

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