Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Counterpart + Czech Customs

Here in the Czech Republic, I've noticed some specific cultural customs. First of all, public transportation is essential. Buses, subways, and trams can be seen everywhere filled with people. Also, before I arrived I was told that teens have a lot more freedom here, and I agree. They take public transportation and need to be able to navigate because it is so easy to get lost! Additionally, there is so much food all the time! Everything is tasty too, and so much less expensive than the US- pastries, juices, donuts, candy for less than 1 US dollar. Similarly, water is not very popular. Going out for coffee or tea and pastries is so much more popular than in America. I am constantly the only person who always orders water.

In terms of the home culture, Wendy lives in an apartment, and so do many people in Czech Republic. It is more practical here. They also live rather far from the heart of Prague and so they have a long commute each day, which is not my usual experience.

And now I will introduce you to my counterpart. So Wendy is 16. She is fun and super confident. Some ways that we are similar is that we both love to do classic things like watch movies, eat ice cream, and travel. We are different too because she is more outgoing and social, while I am a bit more introverted. She is so much fun to be around!

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