Saturday, June 25, 2016

South Bohemia

Thursday we hopped in a big red van with two teachers from Wendy's school plus Vidal, Erica, Jarda, and Suchi. To be honest I wasn't sure where we were going but I found out after a few hours in the car. We ended up in South Bohemia. We stopped at a beautiful castle. Vidal, Erica, and I went on a tour and found the most gorgeous woodwork, leatherwork, and glasswork I've ever seen. The ceilings were covered with painted gilded leather or polished wood designs. The walls were covered in tapestries and marble fixtures. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures. But here's a picture from the outside.


 Next we traveled to a lake called Lipno Lake. The first thing we noticed was a sign advertising bobsledding. And that was awesome. I went bobsledding twice down this really fast metal path. The only problem was that the sled had no handles so it was pretty difficult not to fall off. Then we hiked up to the top of the nearby hill and went on a nature-walk-platform/ above-the-trees-walkway. This led us to a giant slope upward which we climbed and came out with a great view of the lake and countryside.

Then we made our way back to the van via a giant metal slide down from the viewpoint and another hike down the hill. We arrived at our hotel and had dinner, where I learned how to ask and essential question in Czech: Jaký je heslo od wifi? 

The next day we traveled to Český Krumlov, a touristy little town with a pretty river and castle. The teacher gave us a few hours to wander around and so Erica, Vidal, and I, being the tourists we are, went into nearly every shop in the town. Vidal and Erica found their favorite shop: the antique army store, where they were selling army-related items from previous time periods for very low prices. Erica ended up buying a gas mask from World War II and Vidal bought a helmet from World War II. And here's Erica trying on other stuff from antique stores.

Here are some pictures from the town itself.



Then we had some pizza and ice cream and headed back to Prague. Lots of people fell asleep in the car.

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