Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Host Family Interactions"

So my whole host family speaks great English. Although they speak in Czech to each other and so I will have no idea what is going on for several minutes, they always translate for me. They will also attempt to speak in English instead if the conversation involves me so I know what's happening.

As for food, they always try and have something I will like. We usually have classic Czech food and it has been wonderful to get to try this whole new genre of food. I've also noted that everyone always waits until everyone else is done eating to leave.

Just like in America, watching TV is a pretty common hobby and Wendy and I have watched a lot of movies so far. Wendy and her mom watch TV shows together too she says.

From living in a host family I've learned that they really want to make me feel comfortable and at home. And it's important to be gracious. Communication is also very important because they won't know how you are if you don't tell them.

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